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The Menace of Globalism: Merwin K. Hart and Nationalist Conservatism, 1930–1960

This newly published article examines the pivotal role of Merwin K. Hart in shaping American conservatism in the mid-20th century. Through meticulous research, the article reveals how Hart, an operative and propagandist, significantly influenced the postwar conservative movement with his blend of nativism, antisemitism, anti-interventionism, and economic libertarianism. King's College (Cambridge) PhD candidate Alex McPhee-Browne critically analyzes Hart's organization, the New York State Economic Council, later the National Economic Council, illuminating its essential role in disseminating conservative ideologies during an era of liberal dominance.

McPhee-Browne explains Hart’s impact, challenging the prevailing view of early opponents of the New Deal as principled libertarians untainted by bigotry. Instead, it presents a complex picture of nationalist conservatives as instrumental in crafting the ideology that would later define postwar conservatism. McPhee-Browne's work is a significant contribution to our understanding of the historical underpinnings of contemporary political discourse, providing an essential context for comprehending the ideological evolutions within American conservatism.

Issue One

This inaugural issue features the work of leading scholars who have examined right-wing politics across multiple regions worldwide. The issue contains full-length academic articles, essays, and a book review.

Full articles:
Cihan Tuğal (UC Berkeley) on Turkey, India, and the Philippines
Ben Cowan (UC San Diego) on Brazil
Bálint Magyar and Bálint Madlovics (Central European University) on Hungary and Poland
Nandini Sundar (University of Delhi) on India
Walter Skya (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) on Japan

Terri Givens (McGill University) on Western Europe
Jeffrey Bloodworth (Gannon University) on the United States

Book review: 
Meredith Pruden (Kennesaw State University) on Karen Lee Ashcraft's, Wronged and Dangerous: Viral Masculinity and the Populist Pandemic, Bristol: Bristol University Press, 2022

This content reflects the fact that the journal is being launched in a moment of extraordinary right-wing mobilization across the globe when militant movements and illiberal regimes have aligned ideologically, focused on maintaining ethnic, religious, gender, and racial hierarchies in the name of “traditional” values versus the imposition of the “woke” agenda.

Perhaps not since the 1930s and 1940s have concerned citizens been so acutely aware of the threats facing liberal democracy. Accordingly, we want to make JRWS available to as wide an audience as possible, including readers beyond the academy. To this end, the journal is published on an open-access basis, without economic barriers for readers or authors, through the California Digital Library’s eScholarship program. In addition to traditional academic research papers, we publish essays, commentaries, and book reviews. We have begun publishing such shorter pieces on our blog: On the Right: Current Topics in Right-Wing Studies.