Eliah Bures

Senior Fellow, Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies and JRWS Managing Editor

Eliah Bures is a historian and editor. He is a former postdoctoral fellow in Spain and is currently a senior fellow at UC Berkeley’s Center for Right-Wing Studies. A specialist in social theory, cultural criticism, and intellectual history, Eliah is also a cofounder and Managing Editor of the Journal of Right-Wing Studies. He has published peer-reviewed academic articles as well as popular essays in publications such as Foreign Policy and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Eliah's academic writing focuses on fascism, radical conservatism, and the European New Right,...

Katherine Booska

JRWS Editorial Assistant

Katherine Booska is JRWS’s Editorial Assistant and serves as a student assistant at the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies. At the Center, she does administrative work and archival processing. As an incoming Stanford Ph.D. student in History, her academic research will expand her work on literary expressions of conservatism in Anglo-American poetry and criticism. Katherine also researches religion, especially fundamentalist Christian interactions with Judaism.

Kelly Jones

JRWS Associate Editor

Kelly Jones is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Right-Wing Studies and Jerri-Ann and Gary E. Jacobs endowed doctoral fellow of sociology at the University of California, San Diego. Her research focuses on language, culture, and ideology, specifically how language and metaphor shape individuals' understanding of the state. As a doctoral student, Jones uses machine learning to explore how metaphor creates conceptual frameworks that Supreme Court justices use to reason about complex issues such as abortion and affirmative action. Jones and colleagues...

Lawrence Rosenthal

JRWS Editor-in-Chief and Chair of the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies

Lawrence Rosenthal is Chair and Lead Researcher of the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies. He was a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for the Study of Social Change for a dozen years before founding the Center in 2009. He has taught at UC Berkeley in the Sociology and Italian Studies Departments and was a Fulbright Professor at the University of Naples in Italy. He has studied the Right in the United States and in Italy and is currently working on a study of the contemporary American Right in comparison to movements of the Right in 20th century Europe. He is the author...